Extreme Couponing

My step-mom is always proud and excited to show her stock-pile in the basement. This week she messaged me some deals on FB. One was a brand of contact solution at CVS on sale for $7.99 and you get $7.99 EB. For those who don't know, EB is short for Extra Bucks which is CVS's style of the reward card, swipe your card, get savings plus the potential to earn a percent of your seasons purchases in EB plus EB on specially marked items.

I bought the contact solution a few days ago and received my $7.99 EB. I also got a $1.50 EB on the same receipt. I received two emails from CVS one for a printable coupon of $3 for my birthday and another for $5 off a $25 dollar purchase. I highly recommend signing up for their email deals, I get $5 off frequently. 

Here is the rundown of what I got
Crest Whitening Toothpaste          $3.19 on sale for            $1.99 plus $1EB
Crest w Scope Toothpaste           $3.19 on sale for             $1.99 plus $1EB
2 Liter Coke                                $1.87 on sale for                 .99 cents
2 Liter Coke                                $1.87 on sale for                 .99 cents
Maybelline One by One Mascara $8.29 BOGO 50% sale   $4.14
Maybelline Eye Studio Shadow    $10.49                          $10.49
Sally Hansen Complete Manicure $7.99 not on sale, ha.      $7.99

Total                          Original    $36.89                SALE $28.58
                                                  i      Extra Bucks         - $17.49
                                                                       TOTAL   $11.09 Before tax and bottle deposits

This got me to thinking.. every week I will post different local sales and try to find at least three products everyone can get for almost, if not free.

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