Five Year Anniversary

Today is my fiance and I's fifth anniversary. Needless to say I didn't cook, so I decided to dedicate this blog post to a restaurant.. Dragon East.

I am always geuninely shocked when I mention Dragon East and someone says "Where?". You know Dragon East.. "Where is that?" Are you fucking serious right now..

Dragon East has got to be hands down the best Chinese food around. They are a little pricer than take-out, which they do offer by the way, but it is totally worth the price. The sit down area is nice with over-sized booths to make you feel as if you are the only people there. The decor is nice with some pieces that stand out and always end up mentioned in dining conversation but the decor is not overly done nor in your face obnoxious. The wait staff is always friendly and ready to come over the second you need them as if they have read your mind.

You get started off with complimentary fried noodles with Duck Sauce and Hot Mustard to dip, and hot Oolong tea. When you order a dinner be prepared to share. You don't get it on a plate but rather a platter. I always get the chicken and broccoli and Mike gets the General Tso's Chicken. It comes with brown or white rice and we normally order pork fried rice. I am not a fried rice fan, I almost always opt for white rice to mix in with my dish. Their pork fried rice is amazing and I would never pass it up. Delicate flavors complimented so well by tender and moist pork seasoned perfectly. I've asked myself elsewhere after having it for the first time, why don't I ever get the fried rice it's so good, and so I get it and I remember.. because it's really not. Dragon East is the only place I can honestly say I love their fried rice.

I encourage everyone to try Dragon East, you will never have a bad experience there. They're always friendly and eager to help and the food is always delicious and freshly prepared.

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