The opening.

I once had a client say to me "You know whats wrong with your generation? None of you know how to cook or bake." I ripped that guy a new asshole.. "First of all I have been cooking since before I was thirteen, and secondly I just made a tray of caramel apple cupcakes for everyone here but you're not getting one with that attitude."

If I can help one person be more domesticated, then I'm happy. Hell, I'll be happy if people just find this blog hilarious, but I guarantee you will learn at least one trick of the trade from me.

So here is a little something about me. I am a mid-twenty year old female from Connecticut. I work a full-time job in finance while balancing out the engaged life and house-hunting. I've been cooking since I was thirteen years old and sewing from before I could remember. I've always been domestic so to speak.

This blog is to document my tasks.. Recipes I love, original and favorites, things I came up with out of the blue.. Things I have made and will make.. Halloween costumes, blankets, curtains and crafts. I will include recipes and step by step instructions with every post. And of course some life lessons along the way. You can learn right along with me, haha.

An FYI, I am a little off the wall and nontraditional, I have a mouth like a trucker and don't care. If any of that offends you, this is probably not a blog you're going to want to read. Please, don't try to save me, it can't be done. So with that said, I guess I should start blogging.

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  1. How cool, Ashley. I love the topic of this blog! Haha, that guy was dead wrong! I have been cooking since around the same age as well as crafting. I bet we can show these older women a thing or two!