Perfect Brownie

I'm a sucker for as seen on TV. I had the turbo cooker and that thing sucked but one thing I must confess is amazing, is the perfect brownie. It really makes the perfect brownie as claimed. The only issue I have with it is if you happen to make something too sticky it will stick to the non-stick insert. I tend to add things to my brownies, caramel pieces, peanut butter. Your best bet with that is to make the brownie and insert those ingredients into the middle of each brownie as not to touch the sides.

When it comes to baking I'm more of an improviser than a from scratch kind of girl. I have made various things from scratch such as apple pie and my Christmas cookies. But a lot of things I buy a mix and add to it. I will make a chocolate cake from a mix but add cherry pie filling to the middle to make a chocolate cherry lava cake. Take a brownie mix and once it's baked melt and spread Andes' mints over them. So even though this blog will mainly be cooking and some discounts along the way, I will from time to time add in a baked item. Especially once it gets colder out.

Comment with any suggestions and things you would like to see a recipe for, or my take on a recipe.

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