Weekly Deals..

If you have a guy in your home the biggest deal this week in my opinion is the Axe line. In todays paper there are four coupon inserts with everything from Listerine, Scrubbing Bubbles, Windex, Covergirl, Tampax, Always, Crest, Dove, Pantene, Gillette, and more..

One of the coupons are for Axe BOGO free.. CVS and Target both have the Axe line on sale for $4.49 this week, however at CVS when you buy 3 Axe products you get $3 EB.

I am going to get two Axe body washes and an Axe Shampoo and Conditioner..

Shampoo             4.49     BOGO      4.49
Conditioner        4.49                       Free
Body Wash 1      4.49     BOGO      4.49
Body Wash 2      4.49                       Free
                                           Total       $8.98 Plus $3EB equals four products for $5.98!! They're more than that apiece normally. Also some people are getting a $2/1 coupon through the CVS kiosk which would make this $2.98 for 4! Normally I would pay about $24 to $28 for that many Axe products for Mike.

Dove/Dove Men Deodorant is on sale 2/$6 and there is a BOGO free coupon for when you buy a Women's Dove Deodorant you get the Men's free. So $3 for two, or four for $6 .. $1.50 a piece, can't beat it.

Gillette Men's Fusion Proglide Razor is $9.99 with $5EB making it $4.99 plus there is a $4 coupon making it .99!!

Soleil Shimmer Women's disposable razor is $5.99 with $3 EB and a $2 coupon making it .99 as well!!

Skinny Cow chocolate candy is .99 with .99EB making it free, use the BOGO free coupon and get two.. for free!

I will try to figure out some more deals and post them later on. I'm not really all that impressed with this week, last week was better in my opinion. In the meantime go get the paper! Get more than one! You're going to save A LOT more than you spend on the papers.

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